Do you want help monitoring this square Meter of Soil by the name ‘Old Shoe’? This is it’s special webpage.

1. Placez votre appareil photo parallèle au sol,
à hauteur de nombril

2. Prenez en photo l’entièreté du mètre carré

3. Envoyez-nous le résultat, avec la date à

4. Nous le posterons ici

Soil Echo ‘Old Shoe’ 12/03 [JB]

Chromatophotography ‘Old Shoe’ 12/03 [NC]

Just before opening ‘Old Shoe…’ 12/03 [AP]

Digging ‘Old Shoe’. We had a hard time. The roots were thick, the soil dried out compared to a week before and full of bricks. During the drink, Patrick made the following conclusion: maybe you could build a brick ‘cabane’ one site. 12/03 [LS}

All the things we dug out of ‘Old Shoe’…. Including an Old Shoe. ‘Did you come here before then?  asked on of the participants. How would you know there’s an old shoe inside? 03/12 [AP]

03/12 [AP]

 ‘Old Shoe werd gebruikt om een verloren sleutel onder aandacht te brengen…’ 14/03 [BH]03/16 [CB]

03/19 [MV]

03/20 [GI]

03/25 [NG]

03/28 [CN]

03/29 [AK]

04/09 [AM]

04/09 [AM]

04/10 [CA]

05/08 [PS] ‘Groetjes van P., E., A. & A.’

05/24 [JD]

06/16 [AP] A slip was burried in ‘Old Shoe’ on 03/12. Three months later, it was dug out. Here is what it looked like.

06/15 [HR]

06/26 [FS]


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